Forresters’ Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

At Forresters, we take privacy seriously and we are committed to protecting it. You can view our updated Privacy Notice by clicking here.

‘Cookies’ – protecting and managing your online privacy

At Forresters, we are committed to protecting you and any data (anonymous or otherwise) that we collect online. Cookies are files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to any device you use when you visit a website. Cookies do many different things and are useful for remembering your preference, and generally improving your online experience. Forresters uses cookies simply to analyse the flow of traffic to our site, to enable us to improve our services.

Blocking Cookies

If you wish to restrict or block the cookies set by our website, please do this through the browser settings on each device you use to access the Internet. Please be aware that some of our services, will not function if your browser does not accept cookies. However, you can allow cookies from specific websites by making them “trusted websites” in your Internet browser.

For more comprehensive information about cookies, please visit